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Comment on Comprehensive Observability by Robert

I've worked for several technology companies. They all differed in the number of employees, systematic approach, and niches. But regardless of the size of the company, the efficiency of its work greatly increased if the managers began to apply even some minor elements of observability. All in all, I would say that virtually every company would greatly benefit from using these principles. The only question is how to convey this truth to the managers who make decisions to implement observability.

Comment on Voices in Innovation – A Roundtable Discussion on Persistent Memory by Michael Delzer

So the short answer putting flash memory chips in memory slots may increase the RAM range the CPU has access to. It gives the buyer the ability to either buy a server with more addressable memory range or a server with faster storage access. Improves SQL and NoSQL performance as well as some ML/AI workloads in the niche use cases for High Performance Computing it can be a game changer. Long answer: When a CPU accesses memory it does not need to translate this request to move between classic memory and persistent memory, it just asks the memory controller for anything it did not have in cache. When you use persistent memory as RAM it allows a server with lots of memory slots to have a mix of high speed DRAM and high density slower persistent memory to push a server from 1-4 TB up to 32 TB of RAM (as chip density increases this max value will also increase). As these memory requests do not need to be translated the CPU and OS just treats this as a slower tier of memory. When persistent memory is used a block storage with a file system on top of it the CPU must run through several steps in the OS to make a request for a file which slows down the speed but it also forces the application to call for a file (or storage block) and not just a memory range. Persistent memory in the DIMM slots on the motherboard has lower latency and faster bandwidth than even M2 memory that is directly attached to the CPU, when the flash memory is in the PCI bus slots the bandwidth may be further limited and often can't be treated as RAM but must be converted into a file or block storage request. (Some vendors do sell products that can live in a PCI bus slot that can run as extended RAM or block storage) When you use the DIMM form factor a memory channel must be either traditional RAM or Persistent Storage. When you use the PCI formfactor the current upgrade from v3 to v4 will double throughput possibilities. Future PCI version 5 should ship in 2023 as far a ability to easily buy a v5 server and components.

Comment on Beyond Agile: 4 Lessons to Better Software Development by Danny

The tough part on Agile is discipline especially if you have multiple projects going around you. It really feels tense when it comes to the Daily Stand Up meeting where no progress can be shown.

Comment on Asked and Answered: How Incorporating AI into DevOps Will Unlock the Future by Abdul

The power of Artificial intelligence increases everyday.

Comment on The Future of Unstructured Data Management by Mishary Alafasy

Obviously, the future of unstructured data is very bright and research oriented. As in a world where digital transformation is determining winners and losers, itas the data capital that comes into focus. It's all about extracting value from the data, differentiate the value you keep and how you use it across the business. Perfect explanation. Exactly what I was expecting. Thank you!

Comment on Who is NetApp? by Brandon Furlich

Great article that captures where NetApp is today. CSP's may like the tools that help move data to the cloud, but they still seem more interested in building walled gardens than allowing for more open data movement. The article doesn't even mention SPOT, a tool that can help customers identify where best to run workloads at the lowest cost. Lots of new thing still coming. As the article says, only time will tell but the strategy feels right.

Comment on Who is NetApp? by Chuck Foley

Enrico, this is an excellent perspective...I especially like the aspect where you note NetApp is one of a number of industry leaders that are taking this evolutionary view of infrastructure. It's important that users of technology hear this from industry experts such as you, and have time to let that sink it will carry great weight in how they strategically plan their infrastructure for the future (whatever that might be).

Comment on Enabling the New Generation of Home Workers by Yama Habibzai

For IT organizations, the challenges of employee home wifi speed issues, to security, to cost of desktops, to access to apps, etc all can be eliminated with a single silver bullet - the deployment and usage of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). And it can be done in hours, not days. Simple per user monthly pricing, and the ability to manage thousands of users by 1 IT admin. We are seeing a strong demand for our VDI here at HiveIO, as that is what many organizations are embracing to solve these challenging issues.

Comment on What Comes After COVID? by Vapi

Absolutely! The coronavirus has had unprecedented impacts on the world a and the worst is yet to come. Companies must act today if they are to bounce back in the future. Doing so will help the world as a whole recover a and, we hope, become more resilient in the process.

Comment on Enabling the New Generation of Home Workers by AOS TV

The worldwide spread of cloud computing is driving rapid advances in traditional business operations and enabling deep digital transformations for corporations. Forrester Research, for example, predicts that in 2018 more than half of global enterprises will rely on at least one public cloud platform to drive digital transformation.

You won't get into 'The One,' but here's how to tour some other mansions this weekend

Nile Niami's mega-mansion won't be hosting an open house, but plenty of other super-luxe homes will. Here's some, and how to find more.

Southern California will soon have the tallest single-track roller coaster in the world

An upcoming Wonder Woman ride marks the 20th roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Pandemic spurs young families to leave big cities for the heartland. Will they stay?

New telework opportunities could slow exodus from rural America, but housing and lifestyle challenges abound.

Column: Democrats are talking about means-testing more social programs. What a terrible idea

Means-testing social programs can doom them to failure. Here's why.

When truckers voted to unionize, their employer retaliated with illegal layoffs, judge rules

Mere weeks after a group of port truck drivers voted to unionize, they opened their mailboxes to find termination notices from their employer. That letter was a violation of federal labor law, a judge ruled Tuesday.

El Segundo semiconductor maker goes public in billion-dollar deal amid chip shortage

For faster charging and more efficient use of energy, Navitas thinks gallium nitride beats silicon.

Column: Facebook, fooling no one, may be going for a new name

Facebook is reportedly considering a name change. Marketing experts say the move makes sense, both as damage control and as an evolution of the brand.

Column: The IRS wanted a new tool to go after tax cheats. Republicans and bankers blocked it

President Biden wants to step up the war on tax cheats, so of course the GOP and banks object.

Offers due on Halloween for L.A.'s famous 'Nightmare on Elm Street' house

In Spaulding Square, the famous house from the 1980s horror hit 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' is listing for sale at $3.25 million.

Podcast: Unclogging America's biggest ports

The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the busiest in the U.S. Their massive backlog is affecting the economy.

Hot, hot, hot ... warm: SoCal home values hit new record, but price rises are slowing

The Southern California housing market is hot, but cooling. Home prices rose nearly 13% in September a the smallest jump since January.

Can TSA vaccinate enough screeners before the Thanksgiving travel rush?

Only 60% of TSA employees are vaccinated against COVID-19. It could mean trouble for Thanksgiving travelers.

'You're so L.A.': What lies behind tourists' perception of Angelenos

When tourists see Angelenos acting "so L.A.," it may say more about the expectations they bring with them.

Column: Strikes and strike threats a what's behind the new worker militancy and why it's a good thing

In a welcome development, strikes are breaking out all over the country.

Column: Hertz refused to let facts get in the way of an unwarranted late fee

An L.A. man can prove he was on a plane awaiting takeoff when Hertz says he returned his rental car. Nevertheless, Hertz imposed a late fee.

In Florida, baseball star AsdrAobal Cabrera sets record with $7.41-million sale

After building a modern mansion in Southwest Ranches, Fla., baseball star AsdrAobal Cabrera has sold it for $7.41 million.

Hollywood's latest attraction: a museum dedicated to horror and science fiction

Called Icons of Darkness, the museum represents a lifetime of collecting by child actor turned director Rich Correll. It's part of Hollywood's revival from the pandemic.

Column: Global warming policies in Biden's budget bill are in trouble. Here's what they are and why they're crucial

Not enough has been written about what's actually inside President Biden's budget reconciliation bill, and how it would help the U.S. reach its goals for reducing global warming.

Lakers co-owner Jesse Buss lists Brentwood mansion near LeBron James' place

Lakers co-owner and assistant general manager Jesse Buss is asking $10.95 million for his modern mansion in the hills of Brentwood.

Historic Warner Bros. Ranch movie studio lot heads for a makeover, new soundstages

Warner Bros. Ranch lot will be redeveloped to meet growing demand for soundstages as legacy studios and streaming newcomers compete for space to make movies and TV shows.

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